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China Historic Bonds
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Bond History
The 100 year period from 1850 to 1950 was marked by a series of turbulent events in China's history. During that time the Chinese Government sought to raise funds for various projects by initiating a series of loans where the aim was to encourage foreign investment.

In the main the loan arrangements were by the issuance of fixed interest bearer bonds. These bonds not only had face value but many of them were aesthetically pleasing as they were designed and printed to a high standard of excellence.
Many bonds were redeemed but a large number of the loans were defaulted by the Chinese Government, leaving investors with "worthless" bits of paper script. But now the "worthless" script has become collector's items and the bonds are fetching high prices in auctions worldwide.

If you are a collector, interested in obtaining documents of historical value, or would like to have some appealing and unusual artwork to adorn your office walls, you will find an array of information on Chinese Bonds in the eBook listed below.
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China's Historic Foreign Bonds by John M . Thomson and M.D. Perry
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